Barb's Collages and Mixed Media

Bobsie Bobsie and the Book Tower Bobsie in Bed Petes a Boy.jpg Floating Mice April-2014-06 Valentines Day Disaster Chaps and Apple
Boy & Monster Monster & Boy Sandwich Gargoyle Girl (Head) and Doll Girl (Feet) and Doll Pigs on Beach Pig in Boat
Pig Drowning April-2014-01 April-2014-02 April-2014-03 April-2014-04 April-2014-05 Bridge & Frogs Bee, Beachball & Frogs
Picnic Basket & Frogs Gottschalk (Boy) in Window Gottschalk & 3 Ladies Gottschalk & Piano Piano Gottschalk & Hot Air Balloon Girl and Eclipse Jumping Zebra
Girl & Zebra Two Zebras Girl & Elephant Sidewalk Girl on Elephant Kids on Beds Kids on Cusions Kids and Laundry Monster Cat Lying Down
Cat Jumping Cat Standing Up Girl (Ballerina) Standing Girl (Ballerina) Sitting Cardinal 1 Cardinal 2 Cardinal 3 Clowns
Gaudi 1 Gaudi 2 Gaudi 3 HydrantS.jpg Robot Dreams Robot Dreams 2 Robot Dreams 3 Tigers
Chaps Halloween Chaps Sketches Chaps Sketch April-2014-00